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Hi people! I wish to know is it really possible to counter eavesdropping if someone had put a hidden spy microphone into my apartment? How does it working?

Hi Jim!

Yes, it is possible, don't worry :) If someone had put an eavesdropping microphone in your apartment and listens to your conversations, then this microphone is sending recorded voice data somewhere where the evildoer who installed hidden microphone into your apartment is hiding.

When you wish to deal with this obvious problem, you have to consider one fact: microphone might use many different frequency ranges to operate, thus you need to know it, or you need a multi-frequency signal blocker to deal with all possible signals at once. And we have excellent desktop jammer which is carefully designed for operating with a lot of frequency bands, which are, by the way, adjustable.

So, like I've said, don't worry, you can be sure that you will deal with this problem once and for all! Just use modern technologies for your advantage and no eavesdropping will be standing in your way! ;)

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