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Trinity Noble is the Pennsylvania-based company that is trying to make a device available to the public that would limit cell phone use while driving.

Jeremy Chalmers from Philadelphia is the chief counsel for the company.

"What this device does is, it senses when your cell phone is trying to connect, and it 'chirps' across the spectrum, the RF frequency spectrum, the cell phone operates on and it basically shows that you have no signal," said Chalmers.

Section 333 of the Communications Act specifically prohibits the operation of jamming devices. Chalmers says, while these are jamming devices, they have a very specific target, that is, drivers.

"But again, it's not that this 'jammer' is going to be operating all of the time," said Chalmers. "It's very focused. It only prevents in the driver seat area. It's very directed jamming, so in theory, when we are actually able to get through full development, it's only going to affect the driver."

Chalmers and others from the company say they want to put this device into the market purely for safety reasons.

"Purchase this device, install it in the vehicle and say O.K. kid, I want you to have your cell phone with you for all of the safety reasons that are out there, but I also want to be able to limit this privilege," Chalmers said.

Currently, the FCC will not allow Trinity Noble to sell the product to the public. They can, however, sell it to federal agencies.

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