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Dear experts, I really need help. I’m a librarian and I’m pretty annoyed by those Ingress players, which keep raiding my library over and over again, claiming that there is a “portal” in it. What can I do to stop them?

Hello Peter!

Ingress – is a multiplayer GPS based game that was developed by Niantic Labs Studio. You can find more info on that on our blog. This studio is a Google’s affiliated company. That game is pretty fun, you have to choose one faction, Rebels or Enlightened and look for energy containers in your city. That energy allows controlling other human minds somehow and that’s why there is a battle for it. Both factions’ players have to gather those containers and bring them to portals, often situated near monuments, museums or libraries. For doing that they will gain experience and some virtual rewards.

Ingress is an augmented reality game that works only on Android platforms. It requires a camera, internet connection and GPS module. Coordinates of portals and energy containers are sent to players and they have to use GPS navigation to find them. While approaching the coordinates you will have to activate your camera and look through it, because you’ll see those containers and portals only at your display.

If you really need to jam the signals of those players we at Jammer-Store Corporation have a solution right for you. The game’s most important communications are using GPS and cellular networks, so you will have to jam a pretty wide frequency band to stop them. It will be GPS L1 and L2, GSM, CDMA and 3G. Blocking those frequencies with our universal Mostro jammer will surely cut off those players from their games.

Thank you for your question, I hope I’ve managed to help.

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