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Hello guys! I know this might seem strange to you but anyway... People with Bluetooth hands-free sets in public places "talking to themselves" - they scare me! How can I make them stop doing it?

Hello Mike!

In fact there are many people suffering from this activity of Bluetooth users in public places. But not many of them are really trying to do something about it as you do asking this question here. Thus I would make you calm and say that yes, it is possible to stop them from using Bluetooth and scaring you suddenly!

In order to prevent any people around you from using their hands-free sets with Bluetooth connection, you need to use Bluetooth hands-free jammers that would grant you total protection in case "people talking with themselves" surround you again! ;)

Along with Bluetooth they are also capable of blocking all wireless signals like WiFi and other frequencies of 2.4G band.

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