How can I stop the work of Garmin Fenix GPS watch?

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Hello everyone! I just need to block those Garmin GPS watch. Please help me.

Garmin Fenix GPS watch was released shortly after the Garmin Swim watch. The new watch is more versatile and has a lot of different sensors: compass, altimeter, barometer and optional ANT temperature sensor (external). Along with GPS location tracking there is also Bluetooth connectivity.

As for the GPS location tracking, it uses special sensor that has a lot of features. Among them are time and other sensors calibration, route setting and tracking, directing to waypoints you have placed and guiding you back to the starting point of your trip with TracBack function. And, in addition to all those things, you can use Garmin Fenix GPS watch as an ordinary watch to get time and date when you need it.

To stop the work of this watch you need to use Garmin Fenix GPS watch jammer that will prevent all tracking signals from that gadget. And if you need to get rid just of its Bluetooth connectivity - you can use Garmin Fenix Bluetooth jammer that will solve the problem for you.

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