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i folks! I have noticed that there are more and more accidents related to cell phones, especially on the streets, so I want to know how to prevent them from happening?

Hi Tess!

I am fully share your worries about those accidents related to cell phone usage like calls or texting. And when people are walking down the street the usage of their cell phones on the go may become even more dangerous. While texting is a huge problem of the modern young drivers, it also endangers pedestrians along the way they use their cell phones.

Internet is full of different funny videos where people walking and talking or texting or using their cell phone in other way, distracting from their path and falling into the fountains, stumbling on the stairs, crashing into each other, and so on. It is great that many those cases end in the funny way but there are some without the happy ending which result in injuries or even worse.

Considering such unpleasant possibility, it would be better to prevent cell phone related accidents and make your life while walking down the street much safer in that way.

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