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Hi dudes! There's a lot of gossip on the internet about those signal jammers, so here is the thing: how those jammers may be deactivated? Just in case :)

Hello Michael!

You see, jamming technology is very complex thing. There are few ways in which mobile phone signal and other wireless signals can be jammed, but it may take really a lot of time to explain them here. All you need to know and understand is that any kind of jammer works not in one frequency but in the frequency band, so to deactivate it you need to interfere with the whole band.

The only thing you can do to deactivate jammer is to use another jammer which works with the same frequency band to create the interference between them. You can't deactivate it without silencing all other devices like cell phones and so on of the same frequency range. Thus visit our reliable jammer store and purchase the same jammer as you need to deactivate.

Or, if you have enough funds, use the EMP :)

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