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Hi there! Have you heard of the iStrike Shuttle project launched at Kickstarter? That’s office weaponry, a drone to be exact. That device is controlled by iOS, any ideas on how to jam it.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi there Charles!

You know, there are billions of crappy inventions and project but this one looks and sounds fun! The device is controlled by any kind of iOS based device and can shoot ping pong balls on the heads of your colleagues. This drone is just perfect for office wars! I can say that it is an ultimate weapon.

But it has a couple of weak spots. The first one is that that it can be knocked down with precisely thrown paper-folder of some other office gear. The drone can be damaged or even broken, but business is business and the world is pretty rough place. But Jammer-Store recommends you to use no violence.

There is one more way to shut that iStrike Shuttle- iOS controlled drone is to use a special kind of jammer. You know, all the commands to the drone are sent via Bluetooth and by jamming it you will leave that ultimate office weapon uncontrolled. So the iStrike Shuttle jammer may be an adequate counter measure for the drone! Good luck in your office wars!

Thanks for your question, I hope that I’ve managed to help!

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