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Hello! I really need some help with jamming Teletrac fleet tracking and controlling system. Do you have any ideas on how to do it?

Thanks beforehand!

Hi there Ridley!

Teletrac fleet management system is one of the most up to date fleet tracking systems in the world and generally consists of two parts – hardware and software. Hardware part includes GPS module, a pack of external sensors and GSM module. GPS module gets coordinates of the truck from GPS satellite, monitors speed and direction of a vehicle. GSM module helps GPS to work faster and transmits data from it and sensors on servers. Sensors control fuel level and temperature, doors, emergency sensors and trailer parameters. The GPS navigation for a driver is also included.

Software part consist of different programs that collect and aggregate data from servers and analyse it. Those programs can calculate the safest and fastest route, calculate fuel consumption and many other parameters. They also will warn you if the car moves or unlocks after driver shut it down. So the safety of the cargo and a vehicle is enhanced greatly. Another feature of that system is that, that you can gain access to the data over the internet, so you can control your fleet even while not at the office.

So, as I’ve already said, Teletrac uses GSM and GPS modules for collecting and transferring data. Jammer-Store Inc. has a solution, but firs check your frequencies. The used frequencies are 850/1900 for GSM and 1575.42 for GPS L1 channel. Also they work together as an A-GPS system. To prevent Teletrac from working you can use a GPS/GSM jamming device. It will leave the fleet control device no chance to obtain and send coordinates to the server.

Thanks for your question and stay untracked!

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