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Hi there, tell me if someone can get into my phone with a Bluetooth connection, is it possible? Are there some ways of protection?

Hello Tyler!

Bluetooth connections appear to be the most vulnerable, among all the others. Thus they are widely used. But with all their wide use and vulnerability – Bluetooth hacking is not a common thing. Although it exists and has a lot of names Bluesnarfing, Bluesjacking, Bluehacking etc. It’s uncommon because of a limited range of Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth works for up to 200 meters, but that’s in theory and depends on obstacles and weather. So, to perform a hack hacker must stay real close to you. You should know that Bluetooth uses 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit data and there are a lot of devices which use that frequency too.

Jammer-Store can recommend a couple of protective measures, try to keep a device in the Bluetooth undiscoverable mode and keep it that way until you really need to use a connection. You may also try to set a complicated pin code on your Bluetooth. But keep in mind that those measures will not guarantee that you phone won’t be hacked. But a Bluejacking jamming device will!

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