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Hello! I am wondering is it possible to create wireless signal jammer to protect my pc from being hacked by means of wireless connection? Can it help my pc?

Hello Den!

Yes, you can create wireless signal jammer and use it to protect valuable data on your PC from being stolen or damaged through wireless connections. Just make sure that it will jam the frequency range you need to be jammed.

Depending on the type of wireless connection you are using, the same type of the jammer need to be used too. And don't forget that you can not only make it by yourself but also you can purchase tested jammer in our store. No matter what kind of connection you have, you can find all types of jammers, be it WiFi and Bluetooth jammers or 3G jammers, or any other kind.

Anyway, using appropriate wireless signal jammer will definitely help you to protect your PC from losing vital information and giving it to unknown people.

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