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Hi guys! I need to get rid of the gps tracker disrupting my privacy and personal freedom. Can someone tell me how to make gps jammer? Is it hard to make it?

Hello Debra!

GPS trackers are those kind of things which may cause many problems to anyone's personal freedom and ruin your privacy in the most unpleasant way. In order to save it from being destroyed you have several options to choose.

The first option is the one you are asking about. You can make your own GPS jammer using our jammer making guide. Consider that you must have some skills in electronics and necessary instruments to make it right. And don't forget that you need VCO with frequency range of GPS band you need to jam.

The second option is quicker and easier but requires some cash to be spent. Instead of making GPS jammer by yourself you can purchase professional GPS jammer which allows you to block signals of all types of non-military GPS jammers.

In any case you will solve your problem with GPS tracker and your life will get back to normal! :)

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