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Can the Jammer be used for only certain locators to be blocked? For example, I've been told that an ex-boyfriend can put my phone number in and see where I am. BUT, I still want to be able to use my GPS for directions. Is that possible?

Hi there, JAC!

Unfortunately, if you will use a GPS signal blocker – it will block entire GPS frequency on the desired area, so all the kinds of GPS based devices will not work. All kinds of trackers, navigators and even your smartphone's built-in GPS receiver. But we might have a better solution for your unauthorized tracking issue.

We at jammer-store may say that ex-boyfriend won't probably use a GPS tracker, because it is rather expensive, but If he'd try, he has to get in your car, or under it. So you simply have to check your car from time to time for them. They are not really small, so you will surely notice them.

But as far as I understand the problem – he will probably use a cell tower triangulation. All he will need to know is your mobile phone number. There are billions of apps, that may help him with it, if you have an Android smartphone, check all the apps that have permissions for determining your coarse location and uninstall them. The second step will be to get a portable cell signal jammer.

It will protect you from that kind of tracking, because cell tower triangulation uses mobile phone frequencies to determine your coarse position between three closest cell towers, the calculation is based on the signal power of each base station. A simple GSM blocker will be able to block those frequencies, but you should use it for short periods, because all mobile phones will be blocked around you.

Thanks for your question, I hope I've managed to help!

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