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Hi there guys.

I need you help and advice, my problem is my neighbour’s Wi-Fi network. Sometimes my kids grow really unbearable and do something bad and I try to forbid using their PC's, laptops and Internet as well. But I've spotted that my son was on facebook while he was under house arrest. Probably he uses his smartphone to connect to my neighbour’s wireless network. I've already discussed that with him and he told that he can't do anything about it, he can't even change the network's password.

So maybe some of your devices may help?

Hello Mary!

Some of our device can really help you to solve that neighbour’s Wi-Fi network problem. We've already dealt with those issues. First of all you should know that your neighbour can't really help you, because even if he will change his password – it can be cracked. It is pretty simple, so I can say that if your kid is an experienced PC user, he will be able to do that. Wi-Fi networks are really vulnerable because one can not simply limit the distribution of radio frequencies that Wi-Fi uses.

But the good news are that you can easily block them. As far as I see it, you need to block a Wi-Fi in a quite big area, tho cover your entire house. In that case the best choice will be a stationary wireless signal jammer. It will make sure that wireless networks are dead in a 40 meters (130 feet) radius will be dead. Also, we should mention that many people are afraid that those signal blockers may be dangerous to our health, but we can assure you that it is wrong.

Any kind of jamming device emits signals on the same frequency that it is meant to jam. So in that case we may say that your Wi-Fi blocker will be as dangerous as a simple Wi-Fi router is. And the last thing we should mention is that you will be able to adjust the signal power and jamming radius of that signal jammer, so you won't bother your neighbours with Wi-Fi blocking.

Thank you for your question, I hope I've manged to help.

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